Matthew Kearns, The Tribal Leader. He loves the bush & fishing. Matthew Kearns, The Tribal Leader. He loves the bush & fishing.
  • Meet the Tribes Meet the Tribes

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been passionate about the outdoors. As a boy scout I explored the rugged hills around Wellington, New Zealand. Every free minute was filled with adventure and I lived for holidays and weekends to get lost caving, trout fishing and mountain biking.

After completing my studies as a graphic designer, I left New Zealand to discover the world. It didn’t take my adventurous heart long to find Africa. Once you get a taste for the bush, the people, and the dust, it gets in your blood. It soon became my home. This is where Tribal Tourist was born.

“The Tribe firmly believes that by bringing more travelers to Africa, local communities can benefit which in turn will help protect our wildlife.”

Meet the Tribe

Coming to Africa and not getting to know its people is merely half a holiday. As much as the rich plains abundant with wildlife, challenging mountains and numerous waterways will take your breath away, the continent also has a wealth of cultures and a deep connection with mankind’s evolution and development.
Locals on their land, these humans lead lives incomparable to ours. True African adventures are about connecting with them. It’s shaking their hands not just clicking the camera. It’s learning their ways, not just waving through the window. It’s knowing the names of the joyful children in our pictures. It’s not just passing through but getting involved and making a lasting difference in preserving their age-old customs.

Botswana’s main ethnic groups are Tswana, Kalanga, and Basarwa (or Bushmen).

The Maasai are an indigenous ethnic group who settled in Kenya and northern Tanzania.

  • Protect our wildlife Protect our wildlife

Protect our Wildlife

Since childhood, my love for the wilderness and adventure went hand-in-hand with a commitment to protect the animals that roam these wild places. Today in Africa, we are acutely aware that our wildlife doesn’t roam anywhere else in the world and we are driven to use our position in these reserves to ensure a comfortable, safe, and thriving life for them long after we are gone, as they were here long before we came.

Our tribal leaders are passionate and dedicated to conservation and tourism that leaves as little impact as possible. Every partner we have in Africa is in some way connected to a wildlife protection programme.

Photo credit: &Beyond Our safari partners &Beyond do an incredible job working with Rhino Without Borders to help protect our rhinos in Africa.

  • Tailor-Made Tailor-Made


When you think of Africa, the first thing that probably comes to mind is safari. Although we definitely believe travelers should experience the wildlife of our continent, we do things a little differently. We want you to make memories that will last a lifetime. These memories are so deeply experienced, you won’t be disappointed if your camera’s memory card corrupts, because you’ll have the experience – the kind people plan for their entire lives – embedded in your mind forever.

Rare wildlife sightings, crazy adrenaline inducing activities, or your own villa on stilts with nothing but nature around you are all part of what we offer. Whether it’s adventure or a relaxing family vacation you’re after, we can provide a customized itinerary that ticks off everything on your bucket list. With us, you won’t find anything stock standard. Your trip is crafted so that you get down and dirty with Africa, just the way we like it.

This is our backyard, get off the beaten track and explore Africa the way we do, connect with nature.

“Not until we are lost do we begin to find ourselves”
Henry David Thoreau

Here at Tribal Tourist, every member of our team lives and breathes Africa. We believe in crafting experiences that transcend mere vacations, revealing the symbiotic relationship between you and nature. Step out of the tourist traps and come touring with us.

Travelling is more than just a single trip. It can be transcendent. It can be life changing. It’s a paradigm shift. It grants you the chance to be completely immersed in new cultures, new places and the natural world. It offers escape from the rat race and the solace of getting back to basics. We all yearn for the adventure of a lifetime, but it all begins with one step. Isn’t it time you took it?

Matthew Kearns – The Tribal Leader


Here at Tribal Tourist, every member of our team lives and breathes Africa. Our continent is one of endless beauty, culture, and wildness and our aim is to bring people to Africa in a way that helps to preserve what we hold dear. Step out of the tourist traps and come touring with us.