Travel responsibly

We encourage our travelers to get out there, to leave the guidebooks behind and to connect with the soul of Africa. The soul of Africa resides in its people and its nature. For us to experience this connection with Africa for centuries to come, we have to travel lightly.

It is for this reason that Tribal Tourist only partners with a certain kind of tour operator in Africa. All our local partners are committed to protecting their homes – to look after their communities, to send their children to school, and to nurture the environment in order for it to flourish for future generations. These operators knew what environmentally and socially sustainable businesses were long before we invented the words for it. Choosing them to take you on an exhilarating safari or deep-sea dive gives them the means to continue their conservation work.

We can’t just extract. We have to put back.

Humans often come to Africa to take what they want. Many want to ride on the back of an elephant or play with a lion cub. We made a conscious decision not to include any wildlife experiences in our adventures that in any way contribute to animal abuse. We believe the wilderness and its inhabitants should remain just that – wild and free of a heavy human hand.

Come and share in the adventures Africa has to offer. Be exhilarated and amazed. But tread lightly.

In 2017 Tribal Tourist decided to give a portion of our profits to preserving and protecting the areas we so love taking our travelers to. The proceeds will be divided between three causes, all of which are close to our hearts.

Waves for water working in Africa. Making water clean again.

Ecobricks gives work to communities and helps preserve our oceans.

Reduce the amount of single use plastic you use. Photo: Dustan Woodhouse | Upslash

Ecobricks is solving this problem by preventing these unrecyclable plastics to reach our oceans. Ecobricks are low cost, thermally insulating bricks that are made by simply compressing unrecyclable plastic into 2L bottles. Making ecobricks is a way to save the environment whilst supporting a needy community. Ecobricks are used for affordable housing, benches for parks and gardens, and even exhibition structures.

Deputy Director and Southern Sector Warden in Virunga, Innocent Mburanumwe, explains that each star represents a ranger killed in the line of duty — 153 in total.

Jeannette Iyaremye – Rumangabo (Ranger husband: Bitgetsimana Gasusa, Children: 4)