Africa is a place of wilderness, adventure and beauty, but it all begins and ends in cities. Cities are the heartbeat of a country. Here the locals live their lives. Here you’ll get a true glimpse into the character of an African country.

Get to grips with the grit, the flair, the culture and the architecture of the cities we call home in the best way we know how: by visiting our favourite hangouts. Cities are all about finding the places where the locals go, and we’ll take you straight there. From gin and craft beer bars to the best street art and sidewalk cafes. Tuck into our local foods for lunch and see how we interpret international cuisine for dinner. Pair all of this with some of the world’s premium wines.

The best way to experience a city is on foot, so pull up your laces, clear your memory card and set off to learn the city’s story through its buildings, street corners, shop fronts, and parks. Skip the tourist markets and head straight to the markets where regulars meet weekly for coffee, juices, live music and lively conversation. Here you’ll find everything artisan – from pastries to homeware.

Make your stopovers and our cities worth it. Stay a day longer. Connect with our urban hubs. Get to know our cities like a local.

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    Explore our cities like a local, meet new people on your journey. Photo credit: Dane Deaner |

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