Travel alone. Together. Be safe, but free.

There is a certain magic in finding yourself alone in a new and exhilarating place. It encourages you to talk to other travelers, interact with locals, and say ‘yes’ to things you wouldn’t have were you with friends or a partner. It allows space and time to process things alone, whether it be on a solo hike in the mountains or a sarong on a tropical beach with only a book and the lapping water as company.

Yet in today’s world solo travel is often shunned for being unsafe. Risky.

So, here’s the middle ground. Travel to Africa alone, but enjoy the safety of a group on a multi-day overlanding adventure specifically curated for the solo traveler. Meet others taking on the world by themselves or disconnect for a while and take in the wilderness without the distractions of technology or chatter. Meet up for sundowners and dinner around the fire on some nights and spend others, when the lodges have Wi-Fi, connecting with family back home.

It takes courage to purchase a ticket for one. But it opens a world of possibility. Wild Africa holds a special place for the solo traveler. It offers moments of connection – with the unfathomable wilderness and its creatures, with the ocean and its intricacies, with the people who call these places home, and with yourself.

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