Humans are inherently creative. Long before we started making useful tools, we made rock paintings. We all have a need to create and now you can combine this life-giving activity with your next travel adventure. On a photographic safari in Africa you’ll not only enjoy a personal encounter with our wildlife, cultures, and landscapes, but you’ll also learn how to best capture these scenes on film. It’s a skill you’ll use for the rest of your life and a chance not only to bring home authentic memories, but also an inspiring new hobby.

The destinations will fuel your creative spirit. Follow the Great Migration through Tanzania or Kenya, trek gorillas in Uganda, or meet the tribes in Ethiopia. Head out with a dream team – a professional photographer specialising in his field and an experienced guide to bring you to places begging to have their beauty captured. In the bush, wildlife photographer Keith Connelly is the best there is, while Trevor Cole, renowned culture and landscape photographer is the only teacher you want on a trip to meet and photograph the tribes of Ethiopia.

Your entire trip will be tailored around the pursuit of the perfect picture. Head out when the light is at its most romantic and linger at places where regular tours or safaris would long have moved on to tick off the next thing. Have a teacher at your side the entire time to advise on the best angles, settings, and composition with which to make this moment last. Download and review your photos during informal sessions at the lodge. Receive practical feedback and advice and put these lessons into practice again on the next day’s adventure.

A photographic safari is not just a once-off holiday to unplug from your emails and work commitments and immerse yourself fully in a striking continent. The principles and skills you’ll explore will open up a new room in your brain – or dust off the corners you’ve forgotten existed. You’ll return home with a skill that you can use not only on safari, but when capturing urban spaces, portraits, landscapes, or even oceans. It will have you seeing the everyday, differently.

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