Africa is more than a place, it’s also a people. Locals on their land, these humans lead lives incomparable to ours. True African adventures are about connecting with them. It’s shaking their hands not just clicking the camera. It’s learning their ways, not just waving through the window. It’s knowing the names of the joyful children in our pictures. It’s not just passing through, but getting involved and making a lasting difference in preserving their age-old customs.

In Ethiopia, craftsmen weave world-famous cotton products by hand, slowly and with care. In Kenya and Tanzania, the Masai tribes lead semi-nomadic lives, determined by the land, the animals and the season. In Namibia, bushmen live off the land, finding ingenious ways to thrive in one of the world’s most harsh environments. Be immersed in their simple lifestyles and moved by their grounded natures.

Adventure holidays in Africa sometimes mean wildlife thrills, but it also means cherishing the connections with land, culture, and community. Our tribal leaders live here themselves and know just the places to go and the locals to meet, so let us take you out and teach you how we shake hands differently here.

Impact don’t extract

Some tourists visit local communities only to extract things like pretty pictures and handmade crafts – proof that they visited. We believe it’s important for travelers to tread lightly, not only on the local environmental, but also on the culture. Our tours respect the local ways and allow travelers the opportunity to make a meaningful impact if they so wish. We want these communities to thrive into the future, not by serving us, but by teaching us.

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    Africa is more than a place, it’s also a people.

    True African adventures are about connecting with them.

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