Grab your gear, switch off your phone, and head out for African adventures where it’s just you and the wild. Africa simply begs travelers to get outside and get active beyond safari vehicles and beach loungers. Immersed completely in an extraordinary location, encounters with nature and wildlife are so much more memorable on an active adventure.

Mount Kilimanjaro may be inspiring to look at, but it’s positively exhilarating to summit. Climbing Kilimanjaro is an African adventure ideal for travelers who crave the thrill of a mountain peak. On a different trail, gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda or the DRC matches the love for the hiking not with a summit, but with a rainforest and what is arguably the world’s most touching wildlife encounter.

Perhaps you get your thrills behind the handle bars. Tours can be tailor-made to include mountain biking excursions along scenic paths, kicking up dust far beyond the tourist traffic. Or if the rocks are calling, Africa’s ancient rock faces are ready and waiting to challenge both beginner and expert rock climbing enthusiasts. Beyond the land, adventure holidays can bring travelers to open waters, kitesurfing off the coast of Zanzibar or sail freely on the Indian Ocean.

While we also love a good nap beside the pool, we are burning to take you beyond the camp fences to play. Our tribal leaders live in the areas you’ll be visiting and they know just the backdrop for your favourite outdoor activity. Name the sport, we’ll make it happen. Come play with us in our wild backyard.

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Put Gorilla Trekking on your bucket list. This is a real adventure.

Join the Tribe on a quad biking adventure acoss the salt pans in Botswana.

The Tribe loves MTB. Photo credit: Bartek Wolinski @Red Bull Content Pool

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