Find your African adventure


We want you to make memories that will last you a lifetime

When you think of Africa, the first thing that probably comes to mind  is safari. Yes, we’re a big fan of experiencing all the natural wildlife our continent has to offer, but not the way you think. We want you to make memories that will last you a lifetime. The kind of memories that are so awe inspiring that you won’t be gutted if your camera’s memory card somehow corrupts because you’ll have had the kind of experiences people plan for their entire lives embedded in your mind forever.

Rare wildlife sightings, crazy adrenaline inducing activities or simply your own villa on stilts with nothing but nature around you are all part of what we offer. Whether its adventure, luxury or just relaxation with the family you’re after, we can provide a customized itinerary that ticks off everything on your bucket list. With us, you won’t find anything stock standard. Your trip will be built so that you get down and dirty with Africa, just the way we like it.

If you come to Africa without getting to know its people, you will have only half a holiday. As much as the rich plains abundant with wildlife, challenging mountains and numerous waterways are a sight to behold, the continent also has a wealth of cultures and a deep connection with mankind’s evolution and development.

Here at Tribal Tourist, every member of our team lives and breathes Africa. It is a unique continent with so much to offer- it has a wealth of culture and beauty waiting to be tapped into, so step out of the tourist traps and come touring with us.